Floor Vogels
Floor Vogels
Project Lead



Floor is a Project Lead at SkyNRG, pioneer and global leader for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). SkyNRG has been building up SAF capacity and production for the aviation industry to meet its 2050 net zero commitment since 2009. SkyNRG has supplied SAF to over 40 airlines across the world and is now developing dedicated SAF production facilities to support the transition from fossil jet fuel to SAF.


Floor leads SkyNRG’s advisory projects, advising players across the SAF supply chain on SAF related topics, including policy developments, market supply and demand, production technologies and accounting mechanisms. Customers include amongst others (future) SAF producers, players in the aviation industry, financial institutions and corporates. 

Previously, Floor worked as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company for 5 years with a focus on sustainability related projects.

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Main Event

With more and more offtake agreements being signed, SAF is becoming as a crucial element of aviation’s ability to decarbonise. But rather than an essential regulatory exercise, can SAF provide lessors any opportunities to enhance their offering to airlines and investors alike?  

  • Discussing a plausible investment case to scale up SAF for lessors 
  • How can lessors use SAF to decarbonise their overall business offering? 
  • What would airlines want from lessor in terms of SAF supply?  
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