Natasha Mann
Natasha Mann

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Natasha Mann is the former SVP & Manager of Portfolio Strategy for GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), formerly the world’s largest aircraft leasing company. Over the last 14 years Natasha worked with an annual investment budget of $7B to drive the profitability of the 1,000 aircraft / $40B aircraft portfolio. She was the key adviser for the commercial, risk, aircraft investment and aircraft trading teams to minimize losses and maximize profits. During her last two years at GECAS Natasha lead a project to partner with carbon capture/avoidance companies to create a business of selling carbon certificates.

Natasha has a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University and a Certificate from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership in Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions. She has completed numerous GE leadership programs. Most recently she went through the Scale Up program with Imaginal Ventures, a program that supports leaders to design, develop and implement strategies that create sustainable growth, using evidence-based techniques that teach conscious decision-making, and builds a solid foundation to accelerate growth and impact.

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With more and more offtake agreements being signed, SAF is becoming as a crucial element of aviation’s ability to decarbonise. But rather than an essential regulatory exercise, can SAF provide lessors any opportunities to enhance their offering to airlines and investors alike?  

  • Discussing a plausible investment case to scale up SAF for lessors 
  • How can lessors use SAF to decarbonise their overall business offering? 
  • What would airlines want from lessor in terms of SAF supply?  
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