David Baily
David Baily

OPTIC by SellUe


David is a highly experienced member of the aviation community specializing is component management across many companies and many roles. From SIFCo, to Chromalloy, to Primus International, to Moog. From a Parts Inspector, to Product Lead, to Group VP Sales/Marketing, to Facility GM, to Group Operational Director.

David holds a Degree in Business & Marketing, a Higher Diploma in Coaching and Coaching Psychology, and also attended/received qualifications from the European Management Institute in Brussels, and The Grubb Institute in London.

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Main Event

  • How are parts and USM scarcity affecting demand for aircraft and engines? Which assets are easiest to place? Where are the challenges? 
  • Has shop visit demand ramped up need to spare aircraft and engines?  
  • What do OEM delays mean for aircraft remarketing? 
  • To what extent are lease extensions reducing the supply of naked aircraft? How long will this continue? 
  • Is there a dislocation of book values and lease rates? How does that affect remarketing?  
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