Eugene O'Reilly
Eugene O'Reilly
Chief Operating Officer

Aergo Capital


Eugene O'Reilly has joined Aergo as Chief Operating Officer, bringing 30+ years of commercial leadership experience in the aviation industry and extensive experience in aircraft asset management. Prior to joining Aergo, Eugene served as CEO of Seraph for over seven years and previously worked with Volito, Icelease, Sojitz and Pegasus Airlines. He is an Irish qualified Chartered Accountant having trained and worked for Pricewaterhouse.

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With exposure to markets and carriers around the globe, get the candid view from these top lessors at cruising altitude.  

Steve Rimmer
CEO, Altavair
Rupert Leggett
CEO, FPG Amentum
Eugene O'Reilly
Chief Operating Officer, Aergo Capital
Joe O'Mara
Head of Aviation Finance, KPMG Ireland